How  it works
One of our experienced lettings negotiators will value your property and offer a monthly rental figure for the period of one year, on a renewable basis. 100% of the rent is paid to you directly into your account on a set day each month. SecureALet does not charge you any commission or fees for our service.

Contract start date
The contract starts on the day that our tenant moves into your property. If we are unable to find a suitable tenant within twenty-five days of you vacating the property, we will start the contract on the twenty sixth day excluding 10th December to 1st January.

Who is the tenant?
SecureALet become your tenant and we take on all of the responsibilities associated with your contract as lead tenant. These include all legal fees should the for exampole the subtenant inhabiting  the property refuse to vacate at the end of their contract or break the terms of the contract.

Is there an inventory?
At the start of the contract, we will prepare a full inventory including colour photographs to ensure a hassle-free handover at the end of the tenancy.

Property Maintenance
SecureALet will carry out regular inspections of the property and a copy of the report will be kept on file. In the event of a maintenance problem occurring, whenever possible, we would first inform the Landlord allowing them the option of rectifying the problem utilising their own resources. Alternatively, if instructed, we will arrange for a local contractor to carry out the maintenance. Once the work has been completed, a copy of the invoice will be sent to the Landlord and the invoice total deducted from the next payment due to the Landlord.

Is the contract renewable?
Approximately three months before the end of the yearly contract we will write to you and offer you a new contract for a further year or give you the option of having the property returned to you.